Educational Services

Foundations in Frequency

A. Introduction to the use of coherent sound to interface with the body’s Biofield.

B. Instruction in Grounding techniques to reconnect with Universal energy sources.

C. Identify energy imbalances in the body with their locations and age of onset.

D. Use of coherent sound to screen for possible remedies to restore body balance.

E. Identifying best foods and nutritional supplements to support the body’s current needs.

Advanced Energy Alignment Techniques

(Graduates of Level I and experienced Biofield Tuning Practitioners)

A. Use of multifrequency coherent sound to clear old energy patterns and establish new ones.

B. Identify ancestral trauma patterns with techniques to clear old programs and establish new ones.

C. Use of two-point techniques to clear energy meridians and reset physiology.

D. Techniques for non-localized (distance) work and surrogate work.

E. Use of cell salts, flower essences, foods, and supplements to establish new frequency patterns.

F. Use of Body Language clues to release and restore harmony

G. Use of Biogeometry signatures to reinforce frequency patterns

Specialized Training for Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctors, Holistic Nurses, Chiropractors, Dentists, Veterinarians

Immune System Health

  • Understanding the meaning of allergies
  • Understanding the meaning of autoimmunity
  • Identifying past traumas (personal and generational) causing immune system imbalance
  • Identifying imbalances in our relationships with micro-organism causing chronic chronic infections and triggering auto-immunity
  • Reprogramming the immune system with low dose immunotherapies

Dental Health

  • Teeth as developmental milestones of our subconscious nervous system (ages 0-8).
  • Energy meridian alignment with teeth
  • Mineral alignment with teeth
  • Emotional alignment with teeth
  • Releasing old patterns to achieve proper dental alignment
  • Trauma patterns stored in the teeth and facial muscles
  • Identifying the cause of facial pain patterns

Chiropractic/Musculoskeletal Health

  • Vertebrae as an archetype of our family relations
  • Emotional alignment with each vertebra
  • Mineral alignment with each vertebra
  • Amino acid alignment with each vertebra
  • Vagal Nerve disorders and their reset

Animal/Pet Health

  • Identifying past traumas affecting pet health
  • Identifying emotional burdens being carried for the owner
  • Identifying nutritional imbalances and their remedies
  • Screening for anatomical and physiological stresses in the pet

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Health

  • Optimize energy transfer: Identify and correct hormonal imbalances
  • Neurological Health: Identify and correct neurotransmitter and autonomic imbalances
  • Control inflammation: Identify and correct immune imbalances
  • Support regeneration: Identify and correct digestive imbalances
  • Support a restorative period: Identify and correct sleep imbalance
  • Understand the common pathways of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer (the diseases that shorten our life)

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Courses can be scheduled in your area if there are eight or more participants for Advanced courses or 12 participants for a Fundamentals Course. Discounts/stipends are offered to course organizers. Contact us for more information.

Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Greg and Elena have participated in numerous public events such as radio talk shows, live seminars, podcasts, and webinars. We love to speak on any of the topics listed under our course offerings and on topics related to mind-body-health in general.

Examples of topics include:

  • The relationship between genetic mutations and trauma. We have found correlations between common mutations such as MTHFR and traumatic events. These can occur in the individual’s life starting at conception or be inherited from an ancestral traumatic event. We have found we can lessen the impact of these events on the current health.
  • Ever wondered what the position and alignment of your teeth mean? Why a tooth gets a cavity, but the one next to it doesn’t? The connection between teeth, emotions, minerals, and energy flow in the body can be discussed.
  • Vertebrae and their connection with our physical, spiritual, and emotional self. Each vertebra carries a representation of our relationships within our family and environment (minerals and amino acids) as well as our internal organs.


Check out “Healing with Sound and the Periodic Table of Emotions” on It is the story of how Dr. Greg and Elena met and started the development of the Sonic Alignment technique. Watch for future volumes on their work.

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