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Neural Therapy with Sonic Alignment

Using Sonic Alignment in combination with Neural Therapy allows the release of frozen trauma responses and blocked energy patterns from scars and other painful areas of the body.

Immunotherapy with Sonic Alignment

We combine advanced allergy therapies with Sonic Alignment as a way to restore the proper relationship with foods and airborne allergens such as pollens, dust, animal danders, and mold. Chronic infections with microbes (bacteria, viruses, molds) can also be resolved.

Integrative Energy Medicine with Sonic Alignment

Sonic Alignment can be used to detect imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It can identify areas of energetic obstructions causing disease in
the body. It can be used to evaluate potential remedies with healthy foods, nutrients, and mental/emotional/lifestyle changes. This results in a personalized, unique protocol for each

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