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Emotional Clearing with Sonic Alignment

Sonic Alignment is a technique that helps us identify the root cause of an imbalance by interfacing with the human body using sound. The information we receive from the body goes all the way down to the molecular level. It reveals the relationship between us and each one of our body systems, our minerals/vitamins, hormones, DNA and even pathogens.

Sonic Alignment with Energetic Dental Assessment

Each tooth carries a message and plays a role in your personal development. They represent milestones in your life and your family. Understanding the frequencies of each tooth and how they connect to your nervous system, nutrients, and personality can help you maintain the health of each tooth and your overall wellbeing. This is a great adjunct to Holistic Dentistry.

Sonic Alignment with Energetic Spinal Assessment

Each vertebrae has a unique size, shape, and location which represents our relationship with specific minerals, amino acids, and personality traits. Understanding these relationships can
help stabilize our structural support. Sonic Alignment of the spine helps us to be more in alignment with our true self and our journey.

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